How do electronic cigarettes work and why avoid cigarette smoke

We have explained what electronic cigarettes are, and what people should use them and in what situations, let us now talk about how the cigarettes actually work, and at the end we will mention a couple of things about cigarette smoke that you should know.

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of three basic parts.

  1. The body of the cigarette, which is essentially a metal tube made out of stainless steel
  2. Batteries that are used to power it, they are usually lithium ion batteries but this can often vary, depending on the manufacturer. These batteries are chargeable and have a LED lamp at the top that simulates the light effect of the regular cigarette.
  3. Electronic disperser, this is something that is, basically, in charge of controlling how the device works and releasing steam enriched with nicotine during the inhaling

A standard electronic cigarette looks at first glance just like any normal cigarette. The cigarette is a metal tube with a chamber where you put liquid nicotine and it even has a part that resembles a real cigarette butt. When the smoker strongly inhales, the battery instantly heats up the nicotine chamber and them activates the electronic disperser or the atomizer and the user can freely enjoy smoking without any harmful ingredients like tar, carbon monoxide and hundreds of others that are literally waiting to kill you. The individual filters are changeable but also fillable and they are filled with nicotine fluids specially designed for the electronic cigarettes. Those filters come with various flavors and strength of nicotine, of course depending on the manufacturer.

Average smoker smokes about 1, 2 box of cigarettes every day. Prices of filters normally vary as mentioned depending on the manufacturer and where you buy it, but on average one of those filters are around three times cheaper than one box of cigarettes and each filter have about one hundred and fifty to two hundred inhales, which is roughly even more than one box of cigarettes. You can plainly see that the math is very simple and that you will save money on a daily basis, try now to calculate how much will that add up during one month, six months or one year. You can reduce the cost of this additionally by using oils to refill those filters instead of buying new ones.

In addition, for end we will show you some brief statistics of chemicals contained in an average cigarette and its smoke. In an average cigarette there are around four thousands chemicals, let us look at some of them:

  • Acetone, used as nail polish remover
  • Ammoniac, it is believed this is added to increase addiction, also used in cleaning liquids
  • Benzene, a side product of coal and petroleum, linked to cancer
  • Cadmium, very toxic metal used to build batteries
  • Carbon monoxide, a very poisonous gas it stops our body in using oxygen
  • Formaldehyde, very poisonous gas, used to preserve corpses, causes cancer
  • Lead, causes heavy metal poisoning that can lead to death
  • Tar, gets accumulated in lungs and stops normal functions

And many others…

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